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kfoge1: A 3rd for Paul was their goal for perception to the people no matter what it takes. The post's on here about "hey let's keep our chin's up we lost or took third let's move to the next one" " were to paranoid" "there is still more caucus's" "more delegates" I honestly think some of these post's come from non-Paul people who are plant's on here just to keep honest supporters of Paul from getting absolutely side-ways angry at the suppression of their votes to keep the status quo intact and stop civil un-rest !!! ( Just my two cent's).

I completely agree. I strongly believe that it is not only counterproductive but very destructive to the future of our nation when Paul supporters refuse to get "absolutely side-ways angry at the [obvious] suppression of their votes." The criminal behavior will never stop if the primary goal of too many Paul supporters is to "look presentable or 'mature' to 'polite' society" (I'm 51, by the way). I agree with that sentiment in most social situations, but not when it comes to exposing fraud.

I have found it very refreshing and invigorating to see that the majority of DailyPaul members who commented on the Nevada Caucus Results & Open Thread have joined me in my outrage. Having studied election fraud extensively since 2004, I knew full well what was coming in 2012, and I feared that most Paul supporters would not question any election-night anomalies, even when they clearly resembled obvious fraud. However, the general outrage here at DailyPaul over the Nevada GOP's unacceptable and all-too-obviously sneaky behavior has brightened my day. I no longer feel so lonely in my long-standing outrage.