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Perhaps our time is also

Perhaps our time is also better spent on something other than telling others they are wasting time. But even so, I have a question for you....

No one has offered you any evidence of fraud, granted. But then in another post you admit that fraud does indeed occur in every election.. your evidence for which is not at all clear to me. Even so, I can buy that there is, to one degree or another, fraudulent activity in every complex human controlled system, elections being no exception. Of course, such fraud can be as minor as a single non-resident voting away from his home precinct. You are not denying fraud, you are not even denying fraud on a large and harmful scale. You are merely pointing out that the case for large scale fraud is unsupported at present. Furthermore, you are saying that even if charges of large scale fraud are supported by some evidence (as yet, uncovered), people won't care and it won't make a lick of difference - so why even look for the evidence?

With all due respect (and I for one haven't voted down a single one of your posts), if this is the case, why is focusing time and resources on future election processes wise? It seems to me that fighting to ensure the greatest possible integrity in the process would be equally wise. And if that means spending some time discussing it, so what? But if fraud is: 1) unstoppable, 2) nearly impossible to prove and 3) not worth uncovering since it won't change anything, then why waste time and resources on any of this, including future elections? Just curious.