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enough already

"deduced that if Ron Paul won 58 percent of the vote in a large Clark County precinct and that was representative of his performance county-wide, the Texas Congressman should win the Nevada Caucus. "

That was NOT representative of the entire county. You know you could go pull a precinct anwhere that Gingrich or Romney or Santorum won by a large margin and play the same game 'Well Newt one this one precinct in Tampa FL with 66% so he clearly won the state!'

This is not a primary or general election with huge turnout. The official campaign is not challenging the results and you should take your que from that. With less that 50K votes cast its not that hard for them to keep tabs on what the real results should be and if they are not screaming about it the reported figures are likely pretty damn close to what they have.

You know this all gets picked up in the main stream and other media too and it does not reflect well on RP when he and his supporters are viewed as either sore losers or conspiracy nuts. views on finance, politics and science