Comment: This is a 'no brainier' to solve!

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This is a 'no brainier' to solve!

The solution to the problem is a 'no-brainier' for a campaign with as much 'feet on the ground organization' as the Ron Paul campaign!

Already by Saturday night, maybe earlier, the state campaign chair would have instructed each county coordinator to have ready a spread sheet with the responses, collected as they were received, from each precinct leader. Those responses would be from each voter listed on the Ron Paul supporter tracker site, or donor list, and simply give a yea or nay to the question, 'Did you attend Caucus and vote Ron Paul?'!

At the end of the day, the counties would have responses tabulated and totals ready for numbers of supporters who actually attended, how they voted, at which caucuses, what location, the totals for RP, and any other pertinent observations!

Where are the totals?

Where is the state campaign director?

Where are the county coordinators?

Where are the precinct leaders?

That is hands on campaign organization! Every state should be doing this! The life of the nation hangs in the balance! This is not some once in four years Olympics you are preparing for... it is the life and death of a civilization of peace, liberty and freedom! It is the rise and fall of an era!

Come to think of it, Olympians maybe take it far more seriously... apparently some Ron Paul supporters did also for the 'super-fool' Sunday afternoon, instead of for life and liberty!? One would not have thought so.

Let's find out... state director?