Comment: I've heard a lot about voter

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I've heard a lot about voter

I've heard a lot about voter fraud ever since I became a Paul supporter. While I wouldn't be surprised (little surprises me), I have been sitting on the fence because I hate to stir up the "conspiracy theory" type of blowback.

This being said, I do not believe Paul came in 3rd in Nevada. In fact, I didn't believe he came in 4th in Florida either, but here we are.

Anyway, I am wanting to put together a website that allows and encourages all registered voters in Nevada that voted for Paul, to come forth and sign a petition stating they, indeed, did vote for Paul. This will allow us to get some kind of a count of the number of votes he received and compare our count to that of the Nevada GOP.

I realize we may not be able to reach all of Paul's supporters in Nevada, and as such may miss some, but if we got enough to show a serious discrepancy, we could take up donations from Paul supporters and hire a law firm to file a lawsuit against the Nevada GOP.

I'm not 100% sure how this would all work out as I have never attempted anything like this before. However, I do know I would not be able to take on this kind of a project by myself and am wondering if anyone out there would be interested in helping. If so, send me an email at carmenrydelle at (blanks are there to keep robots from picking it up.