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I can agree very strongly

I can agree very strongly with one significant aspect of your reply. Education is vital, and best done person to person - as in, parent to child, child to parent, brother to brother, friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, and so on... you get my point. To you, this is best seen as personal crusade to enlighten others. And the more high fortresses of chained minds we storm, the further our cause will endure. We make further crusaders just by opening blind eyes, and onward we go.
I would simply ask your patience with others whose eyes are open. Perhaps in time they will see things as you do. But chastising them for their outrage at perceived injustices will not enlighten them, if indeed they need any enlightening from you.
By the way, I voted up your post, though by now others may have negated the evidence of it.
Best Regards