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Heh, just give it up Sally.

Heh, just give it up Sally. Lots of people here like the drama of the idea that potential election fraud is the cause of why we lost Nevada rather than the mundane idea that we just got outvoted due to not getting enough voters (and worse and much more true) and getting the voters we did have to actually go vote. Could there have been some election fraud? Possibly, but I leave that in the hands of the people truly in the know and who can actually do something about it, the campaign, to sort that out. Which they are, by the way. Meanwhile the can-do-nothing-about-it-but-think-they-can folks here are going to spend countless hours of manpower getting little done in the way of capturing future votes by dwelling on something that they can not affect instead of what they can.

You just have to shrug it off and do more yourself, Sally. Taking short laughing breaks by watching comments like these get down voted relentlessly by people "working on the voting fraud" from their computers does help though. You can tell how effective they are by the fact that they constantly confuse "voting fraud" with "election fraud". But hey don't spoil the fun by telling them, that'll be part of our fun by seeing how long it'll take them to figure it out!