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I really don't see why people

I really don't see why people on this site have such a knee jerk reaction to down vote anything that presents a different POV (I'm not targeting this at you ZMAN)

I don't care how the bigwigs in the Republican Party would feel about that. I care about how the average Republican voters (that Ron Paul would need if he were to win the election) would feel about it. And, as a former mainstream Republican, I know that they would be pissed. There's no way he could win an election with a pissed off base. Third party is very difficult, but in my opinion it wouldn't be much of a difference than a scenario where he "steals" (and yes, that is how people will see it) the nomination at the convention. Not to mention, getting the nomination at the convention, when someone else apparently had won, would create a lot of people who would be instantly hostile towards the liberty movement in the future. Much more than a third party run would. BTW, had Perot not suspended his campaign, he would have had a shot at winning in my opinion. And this country is in much more dire straits than it was in 1992.