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Comment: Yes, Sort of...

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Yes, Sort of...

I made this suggestion here on the Daily Paul on December 20, 2011, and I was completely ignored (just as I knew -- since 2008 -- that I would be).

I also have another (unrealistic) idea, but it would have been very premature to announce it to millions of Paul supporters prior to Nevada. In fact, it would still be premature to announce it prior to Maine, Minnesota and Colorado. If things in those states go even partially the way they did in Nevada (and I think they will, because I consider it a foregone conclusion that the fraud will continue to some degree, and where the fraud ends the mass of disgustingly ignorant sheeple who vote for the neocons will take care of the rest), then maybe most Paul supporters will be more receptive to my idea. I also don't want to wait too long, or my potential audience may dwindle dramatically.

I will try to remember to come back here and post a comment announcing "the publication" of my (admittedly imperfect and unrealistic) idea if and when I decide to do it (I may not bother since people rarely pay attention to me here or anywhere).