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I think you have it backwards ...

There is already "stealing" happening at this very moment. As we have seen in the first elections, especially in Nevada (There should be no doubt about that one), the MSM and the establishment are already stealing the nomination for Romney.

We need to call them out on their shit! and organizing delegates is a way to call them out on it. We also need to expose the shenanigans that have been going on, especially Nevada. I fully support pursuing getting to the bottom of the fraud that's been going on (We simply can't stand by and let it happen). If the general public were made aware of the stealing that's going on right now, then you can bet your gold coins that they wouldn't feel like the nomination was stolen if delegates chose Ron Paul.

The way I see it is they can organize delegates just as much as we (Ron Paul supporters) can for the convention. So, if we organize delegates and get Ron Paul the nomination at the convention because the delegates at the convention in which we organized better than other campaigns prefer Ron Paul over the establishment candidates, then that's fair in my book. That would point to the fact that the other campaigns literally failed at organizing more delegates than Ron Paul.