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My hypothesis on the electioneering is that more likely than not RP was doing so well in Nevada, case in point Adelson (the only caucus where the voting was transparent and RP beat everyone 3:1) I think he did so well that they had to simply toss ballots, and to obfuscate the truth they reverted back to the 08 election, Since they went back to the 08 results they had to do the same with Romney. That is why more or less you have the same results. They just grabbed whatever vote totals closely aligned with 08. That is what happens when you commit massive fraud, and ballots are lost/tossed/burnt. You need a measuring stick to go by, and the only one they had was 08. They knew they were in big trouble midway through, so they stopped reporting the results and decided to take their time cooking the books/vote count all night. To coordinate such a fraudulent effort you still need to use a measuring stick, and you need to make sure the falsified official counts match the reporting precincts.