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More Logic

"so, if you kidnap someone and tie them up in your basement, all is made just, because you feed the person well?"

I do not understand your analogy, assuming it even is one; or how it relates at all to anything.
As far as being logical I believe that my argument is a logic based one. In the study of discrete logic in order to prove something is "always" true, you must show that every possible case is true. In order to disprove an "always" true paradigm, you just have to find one case which breaks the "always" truth and "always" no longer applies. My other assumption is that you are not taking a sarcastic view on the meaning of "always" because subsequent statements go to support your initial claim. I believe the specific case that I provided satisfies a possible case in which your "always" paradigm is broken and therefore not valid. If you change your statement from "always [true]" to "seldom[ly false]" you are breaking your own logic and agreeing with me.