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Comment: Citations are really needed

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Citations are really needed

I tell this to my Liberal friends when they go off on something, and I have to correct their errors with citations and facts, and I will say that here. Show me the money (or the citation in this case!). I have searched high and low for this citation, and have even gone and tried to read the actual bill (OMG is all I can say). I cant find that requirement anywhere. I find lots of things requiring insurance agencies to COVER them, but not require US as people to get them.

If this is NOT the case, and there is a passage in there that DOES require this, I would like to see an actual link to the passage in the bill. I am not fond of the idea of mandatory vaccines, but I also don't like to go off half cocked and look like a drooling lunatic spouting things that are not true. And I would like to help STOP this if it is, but I want verifiable proof.

So PLEASE provide us with the actual passage from the bill.