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They are looking at this as a

They are looking at this as a matter of law rather than bylaw, there is a huge difference. No you can't goto jail or be fined in any way. There is no law the party needs to abide by unless it violates election law, other than that they can make what ever rules they want. No party has ever broken the unit rule because they always have atleast 1 delegate that is always unbound to avoid the conflict.

The state has no authority to dictate how a party nominates a candidate to be placed on it's parties ballot and never has.

If you read what they wrote it states they BELIEVE not it is fact. It is not fact and they are wrong in stating that rule 38 allows a delegate to be a free agent. iT CLEARLY STATES THAT NO STATE CAN ENFORCE THE UNIT RULE, no state does break rule 38, all that is needed is ONE delegate to be unbound and you are not in violation of rule 38 hence the unit rule.

Please folks for the love of God stop believeing everything you read on a blog and just research it, the answers are right in front of you if you know where to look.