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There's always a trigger mechanism...

to help someone see the light. It could be something simple or it could be a series of timed events that fall into place just right that begins the unraveling of the old thought processes.

First off, my heart goes out to you because you love him. He's your dad after all!

Here's my suggestion: I recently bought a book that I had wanted to read for a while but never got around to doing, but am currently in the middle of and I think it might strike a cord with your dad.

It is Confessions of an Economic Hit-man

Being former law enforcement he's bound to be a fan of Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum books and movies (Bourne Trilogy). The attraction of this book is it's a true story and the author displays his old way of thinking and new way of thinking for comparison by the reader. It may be through this method that it begins to resonate with your dad what you have been trying to get across.

I might also encourage you to compile resources talking about the oil/dollar/gold situation in the Middle East. There are some good threads here at the DP already. Start there.

Then look into uranium production in Iran or the prospect of Iran becoming a player in the international uranium market to supply reactors. This is a really good reason why the West wants to take Iran out because this WILL hurt National interests...errr corporate interests...err same thing.

"Criticizing Ron Paul for not passing bills in Congress is like criticizing a nun in a whore house for not turning tricks. He was there to stop the "whoring," not become one!" ~ Blake Buffington