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I have only gotten one response for more SB from Phojes 500 I believe. I will contact the paper tomorrow about payment, shouldn't be a problem. I also will contact fishyculture for more brochures. I have requested brochures from Dr. K research, haven't heard anything yet. I will need another 1300 to mail the 2500 to subscribers (have an extra 50 which I wanted to send to Filer Idaho to the gun show this weekend, but would use those if necessary.) Talked with the Custer GOP chairman I am Vice Chair, today and he feels that Lemhi and Custer will go to Paul and infact he feels the State will go to Paul. God I hope so! Idaho Falls most likely will go to Romney.(Mormon) There is a big RP presence in Idaho. Certainly hoping for a win for Paul! Thinking this will be a low voting turn out due to caucus probably will help Paul. Thanks for you help much appreciated.