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Comment: You haven't found the bottom of the rabbit hole yet.

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You haven't found the bottom of the rabbit hole yet.

You are still seeing chunks of shiny silver where there is only rottenness.

Some folks claim governments were first instituted to protect men from the barbarians who wanted to rob and enslave them. The truth is much darker. Governments have always been the winning barbarians, who settled down to rule over those they conquered, to systematically loot and enslave entire populations. As an American, you are not a free person; you are free-range cattle, whom your owners will milk and control no matter where in the world you wander.

Deep down the hole, you will learn that you are not enslaved by their threats (called "laws") -- you are enslaved by your own belief that they -- the men who call themselves "government" -- have a moral right to rule your life, and that you have a moral duty to obey them.

Ron Paul as President will not set you free from the chains on your own mind. He will not change the government to make us free. But he may teach us that we ARE free, by nature and by moral right, and end the superstition that some men have a right to rule others.

It's a deep rabbit hole, but the truth down at the bottom will set you free.

Read the reviews of this book -- then read the book. Go the rest of the way down.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose