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Please consider adding this link to your post.

I've been hooked on Robert's Rules of Order for about a week. You're absolutely correct. This is key.

For example, look what happened in Corpus Christi in 2008. The establishment did not follow the rules and allowed their delegates into the assembly even though those people were not actually present at the prior precinct conventions.

It is also extremely important to know the States' GOP's Rules and be able to cite them along with the national GOP's rules.

In the beginning of the convention, they'll try to get the assembly to adopt their rules and their people. We should somehow "Move to Amend the rules" to make sure we can have ample debates. We need to "Move to postpone" all the speeches and party hoopla until AFTER official business is done because they will always try to rush things through and not want to debate anything. We need to learn how to "kill" or "postpone indefinitely" motions. We need to learn how to cancel prior actions by saying "I move to rescind" or how to appeal the chair's ruling by saying "I appeal from the decision of the chair..."

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