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Comment: Here is the deal CFR made with Arab nation in 60's

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Here is the deal CFR made with Arab nation in 60's

We have possibly the biggest oil reserve in the world in Alaska(which our government don't tell us) which can last for next 200 years and it will only cost $3.00 a barrel, but instead they signed a deal with all arab nations to buy as much oil as we can from them. In exchange they will buy our debt(treasury) and weapons and only accept $ as oil currency. Basically oil price is another way to tax us and they have absolute control of the oil price(our local gas station don't make any). Guess which two nations did not sign that deal - Iraq and Iran - They wanted to sell their oil really cheap and wanted to accept Euro as currency. As soon as they got rid of Sadam, first thing they did was to change the oil currency from Euro to $. Its impossible to pay off our debt without controlling the oil price in $. I guess another way to pay off our debt is the close all the bases around the world.