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Read a bit more of Larken

before you write him off. This little article is not up to his usual standards. Even God rested on the Seventh Day. After writing The Most Dangerous Superstition, Larken can be forgiven for having an off day.

You misjudge him entirely, and all your comments on "his philosophy" have obviously been made by someone who has NOT read any of his books. Here and here are two excerpts from The Most Dangerous Superstition, which ought to give you a much better idea what he's about. And check out the reviews of his book on Amazon -- 15 of them, and not one of them rated his book less than 5 stars. Do yourself a HUGE favor, and read it yourself. If you love liberty, this is a book you will treasure.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose