Comment: LOL! Of course these neoCon pansies want to be spoken softly to

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LOL! Of course these neoCon pansies want to be spoken softly to

As long as Rand delivers Ron's SAME EXACT message to their politically correct ears, it's all good to go.

That, is really the psychotic crux of these insecure neocons, ain't it? For all their yammering on about how liberals are pussies, these commie Trotskyite/neocons are truly THE biggest politically correct pansies there are.

Words, of course to do have power. But, these douchebags fret day in and night over HOW something is said to bother their insecure childhood-daddy-issued selves, rather than WHAT is being said to them: the classic style over substance.

Rand is practically talking about the same domestic as well as foreign policy, as that of Ron; the 'Movement' neoCons ALL must know that he's practically a Ron's clone, despite the R3VOL's on and off debate over whether he's 40% Ron Paul or 60% in Ron Paul-ness.

Yet, the same exact douchebags who have zero problem praising Rand on their own shows, whether he's being interviewed live or not, on the likes of Mark Levin or Sean Insanity's show, usually ridicule and malign the same man's father Ron, literally sometime two minutes before Rand comes on their shows!

They actually have the gall to call Rand their "friend" and kiss his ass once on their show, even after that!

Delusional chickensh*t Psychotics, all of them.

Frankly, not sure it's worth 'converting' them.

Besides, they have to believe deep down that Rand is doing more of "keep your friends close, enemies closer" when he actively seek them out to get on their shows.

So what gives?

It's like the proverbial ugly girl at a dance: these lunatic movement neocons can't help themselves that someone just thought them tolerable enough to talk to them, even if she maybe a one-ton-ho.

and scene.

thank you very much. but no F'ng thanks.

Surprised anyone reads that rag. American Spectator is literally the exact counterpart for the liberals' American Prospect Magazine, dutifully fulfilling the false L vs. R paradigm, and obviously still easily brainwashing some amongst the pliable population to believe that their opinions are worthy of anything, other than fulfilling one's daily bemusement quota.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul