Comment: A lot of times, people take anti-fungal drugs

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A lot of times, people take anti-fungal drugs

or natural remedies and the fungi become resistant, and the people are left feeling hopeless and endlessly rotating which drugs/herbs they take.

A lesson I learned when I had a systemic candida issue, and I will pass this on even if I am talking to the air- you have to clean your body out before you treat it. That's step one. Otherwise, the die-off is intense, toxic, and ultimately not healing you. Bernard Jensen's book on Tissue Cleansing is a good place to start learning about cleaning your body.

One more thing- sometimes fungal infections are misdiagnosed as leukemia. I read a story of a doctor who treated the fungal infections of his leukemia patients and the leukemia went away...

Here's an article about how the two are confused:

My brother-in-law was diagnosed with leukemia after undergoing a round of antibiotics. I learned that this is not a rare occurence: antibiotics can set the stage for a fungal infection which is diagnosed as leukemia.

While I'm at it, the increasingly common tick-borne illness Bartonella is often misdiagnosed as lymphoma (which is usually fatal.) If you take the chemo for lymphoma when you only have Bartonella, you could just die anyway.