Comment: Michael , thank you for the leadership!!!

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Michael , thank you for the leadership!!!

Wow, this post has some buzz ;)

Yes, I agree with the posts, we need to make sure that Ron doesn't overspend. The great news is that so many people want this guy to succeed that they are willing to do it for free. It probably would be cheaper for Ron to fly out some of the best programmers to Ron’s headquarters and nail out a dynamite site.

Anyhow, as I have posted before, we need more communication and goals. I would like to know what Ron's donation totals are and how many people he would like to see donate. Let's be bold. Let's shoot for 100,000 $100 donations! Let's let everyone know what our goals are. Placing a module such as ChipIN ( ) - would help us to know where we are. I understand that this can also be a bad thing, since people can see if we didn't pull in strong numbers. But maybe smal goals to start and then we can shoot for larger goals. Also, if doesn't have to be just cash. There can be a goal for metups, etc.

I learned along time ago, if you want to be successful, do what successful people do. I think Obama’s team has designed a flawless website. I signed up to become a “member” of the site to see what it looks like once you log in. Once you login it shows what events are near you, and a bunch of other items that make you feel like you’re in it with him. I would love those features on For instance. I don’t know how to find other RP supporters in my area; can you imagine the viral recruiting if we all worked out of a single meetup location!.

On a side note I would like to see some open dialogue between Ron and us. It would be awesome if we could send in video-blog and have Ron responded to a few each week or two. I am sure that would be awesome! The media would have to pick up on that. That would show others that Ron is with the people and communicates with the people!

Vote for FREEDOM!

Vote for FREEDOM!