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I recommend this article

I recommend this article about the history of neoconservatism and the Bush family's role in the neoconservatism takeover of the Republican party.

The term conservative no longer applies in this day and age. The Republican party was co-opted and most of the American people looked the other way.

I really don't see much hope now. At one time I was counting on the very young. But by the time they reach middle age I wonder if they will have been brainwashed as has most every previous generation.

It is said that the people get the government that they deserve. I'm guessing a whole lot of people will object to that statement. But the only thing the American people seemed to have gotten riled up about was SOPA. They didn't seem to care one bit about NDAA or the Patriot Act.

Maybe I'll take up the fight again in the morning. But on this day after yet another suspicious caucus, I have serious doubts.