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Comment: Follow Dr. Ron Paul's lead and go out and have fun.

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Follow Dr. Ron Paul's lead and go out and have fun.

Never say never. Dr. Ron Paul may have no other choice but to use his delegates for getting the V.P. Of course the messages are different, but so were Ronald Reagan's and George Bush's. George Bush got the vice presidency because of a brokered convention. He was not Ronald Reagan's choice. Per the Constitution, originally the president and vice president were elected separately by the congress. Of course today they run together through parties. Ron Paul in any capacity will make a great spokesman for the movement. Look at how much he has done in the as a congressman from a small Texas community. As vice he could make changes and would have authority. Of course not as much as president, but a building isn't built from the top down. Dr. Ron Paul has built a fine foundation over the years as a congressmen. With the help of the R3volution a great framework has been laid. It may take many years to complete the job, but I for one want Dr. Ron Paul there to make sure that it is built properly regardless of whether or not he has the top job or will at least be there to see that the top man is kept in line.