Comment: Everyone Is Right/Wrong

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Everyone Is Right/Wrong

I have read all these comments, and like Dr. KAF, am educated in medical sciences, and like most all the rest, have utter contempt and disdain for the systems currently in place.

Dr. KAF is correct in what he says, and so are all of the rest of you correct in what you say. Vaccines do help in herds, ask any rancher. Vaccines also have negative side-effects, as most of the rest of you say.

Dr. KAF has the right approach so long as people populate themselves into a massive herd. The rest of you have the right approach for rural independent living.

YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS! You can't populate yourselves into a massive herd on this planet and have all the benefits of an independent self-sustainable free society of people.

If you want to populate into a massive herd, then you will get treated like a massive herd (for good or bad), there is no other possible outcome.

Live like cattle, get treated like cattle.
If you don't care about overpopulation, then too bad.
The system will thrive off the dependent masses, and
force you to submit. THAT IS REALITY, NO OTHER WAY.