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Case in point

Instead of cleaning up the mess and allowing the animals to engage in "free range" nutritional activities, we have the following example of modern-day CRUD-farms of which the NY govt is trying to mandate a salmonella vaccine to bestow "health" to the situation. This is cart-before-horse reasoning:

NY Lawmakers Seek Salmonella Vaccine


"Meanwhile, we just wrote that a large mound of manure and rodent, fly, maggot, and wild bird infestations, among other disgusting findings, were revealed at one of the two egg producers blamed on the outbreak and recall. The findings were a result of a US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) inspection at Wright County Egg (Quality Egg) in Iowa. At the other egg producer, Hillandale Farms, FDA inspectors found unsealed rodent holes and live rodents entering facilities, standing water, and liquid manure leaking into a section of the floor."