Comment: Just a complete infringement on freedom

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Just a complete infringement on freedom

So vaccines can help prevent diseases in large groups and they also can have serious side effects on individuals.

Most reasonable people will concede those two points, studies certainly prove the existence of negative side effects and the herd immunity seems reasonable even if I have yet to see formal human vaccination studies to back it up. Most reasonable people (non-communists and non-fascists at least) would also agree that it is not ethical to be forced to do something that is potentially dangerous to you unless it is *likely* that inaction would be hazardous as well. From what I see the non-vaccinated population does not pose a *likely* threat to the vaccinated population, that threat is currently an imagined one.

From a policy perspective the selling point for vaccines is to keep kids in school and parents from taking off work. So in short, the govt says your priority should be working and handing over your kids' care to the schools/daycares.

I work, but choose to be a parent first. When my kids are sick I keep them home. Instead of vaccinating them I quarantine them when necessary. As their parent I am responsible for their health and wellbeing, and I believe I am being responsible to my community at the same time. From what I have read regarding treating communicable diseases in Africa (where unlike the US - poor nutrition, poor sanitation and limited access to clean water give diseases a better environment to thrive) quarantine is more effective then vaccines in controlling the spread of disease in the community.

My pediatrician has been practicing conventional medicine for the past 40+ years. He does not give flu vaccines in his office to any patients since in his opinion they are not proven to be effective or necessary for children, and he believes parents decide what vaccines their children receive. I think that if he is comfortable with this policy after being in practice so long then the pro-vaccination paranoia is not justified.