Comment: Like there are OUTBREAKS caused by the unvaccinated? NOT!

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Like there are OUTBREAKS caused by the unvaccinated? NOT!


Sorry, but these bureaucrats are such CONTROL FREAKS! They relish in their desire to control us. They roll around in their power trips over us! I've seen this at even the local levels in the City Parks Board, for goodness sake.

I have a vaccine-injured grandchild, and I am really mad at the Medical Community who would rather pump through 10 patients per hour, rather than to do RESEARCH on their own time to INVESTIGATE what is true and what is not true!

They would discover the TRUTH, as "some" doctors have already.

This is really wrong. The government steps over the line, when it PHYSICALLY FORCES these kinds of things on us and our children. WHAT HAVE WE BECOME? THIS COUNTRY HAS CHANGED, AND NOT FOR THE BETTER. What is amazing to me is how only about 600 people in D.C. can control over 350 million people!

WE ARE EXPERIENCING FASCISM, and it's not right, especially when we know the facts are on our side, and especially when we have children and grandchildren who have been damaged by these vaccines!! Pure disgust and contempt is how I feel towards these government dictators. They are driving us out of this country...