Comment: Hello Drudge fans!

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Hello Drudge fans!

You've found a site that promotes the positive message of Ron Paul's call to real liberty and real conservative values! Not the watered down crap you hear from Obama, Santorum and the Mittster. The GOP establishment wants Ron Paul gone just as much as the Democrats do. Why? He'll shut down their corrupt politics, and both sides fear that. The media plays along because their owner corporations rake in billions playing the War and Terror game, perpetuated by both sides. Ask yourself, when's the last time YOU saw a Taliban in your neighborhood? As for me, give me an honest leader who'll follow the rule book (that would be the U.S. Constitution). I'm tired of lies, treason, corruption, counterfiet money, foreign aid, illegal entaglements. Give Ron Paul a 4 year chance and see what happens. We've voted in some real bums, let's give this guy a chance.

alan laney