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I might be able to save you some $

Master herbalist Stephen Buhner wrote an excellent book called Healing Lyme, and in this book he argues very persuasively that Samento is no better than regular Cat's Claw.

Three of my children had Lyme before 13; consequently they couldn't take Doxycycline. Amoxicillan doesn't always totally eradicate Lyme.

So I was giving my children Samento each day to keep Lyme at bay. When I stopped giving it for two weeks, my daughter had a bad relapse. She went on another month of abx and then we started again with Samento. I switched to cat's claw tincture with no noticeable changes.

If we forget to give the cat's claw, my children predictably get stomach trouble the next day. This herb is *crucial* for my family! Some children with Lyme are really sick, wheelchair-bound with brain trouble. So far we've avoided going down that path and I trust with herbs we can stay off it entirely.