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Comment: Depends on the script and voter

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Depends on the script and voter

If it's just the poll then stick to the script, all you are trying to do is determine the voter's preference as quickly as possible and then move on to the next. You don't want to waste any time discussing things, you're just doing a poll.

If it's the persuasion script, it's really best to only use the script as an outline and guide and personalize each call depending upon how the voter responds to your initial introduction. Focus on any issue that the voter mentions is important to them, and just pick that part out of the script. If you just read the whole thing, then it becomes non-personal and robotic and they will often hangup or say they're not interested.

I often find what works best is to simply ask what the most important issue is for them and then give them Ron Paul's position.

As with anything, the more practice you get calling, the better you will know what to say to different voters and how to improvise. You can start out just reading the script and then once you feel more comfortable you will naturally begin improvising on a case by case basis.