Comment: Cover Up - Fraud NOT Mistake

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Cover Up - Fraud NOT Mistake

These articles are cover ups just as Maddow's TV piece. The #1 reason people don't wake up is, they believe the government is making mistakes. Before you were awake to the truth, how many times did you complain that these politicians lack of understanding. Obama know's he's a paid liar which is why he hesitated to say he would faithfully uphold the constitution when sworn in. And as we here all know Maine GOP knew they were reporting less than all the votes plus fraudulent votes. Maddow's number one goal is to present the GOP as inept. These articles leave it more open, but never once mention fraud, which is so blatant.

In other words, our message can NOT be stopped, they can only manipulate it s far before the masses turn off the MSM. And this is damn near the truth!