Comment: Talked to Hardball staff today

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Talked to Hardball staff today

I tried to get in contact directly with Chris Mathews but to no avail. I did get in contact with Joseph Rabinowitz { (202) 885-4600 Chris Mathews viewer line x4000 }. I was very polite and civil and basically explained the situation with Ron Paul not being on the graphic chart or mentioned during the Chris Mathews segment, even though Ron Paul actually has the TOP rating on same chart. Joseph at first said time constraints may have had a hand with it, so I ask the procedure to the making of the show segment. Apparently it starts with the researchers info > goes to editorial staff meeting which includes the producers and then the script goes to Chris Mathews.

My reaction was that they had 3 chances (research/editorial staff/producers) to set the record straight BEFORE Chris Mathews aired the segment and it seemed unbelievable that 3 different sections of making the show all got it wrong, there had to be a decision made at one of the 3 levels to exclude Ron Paul purposely and that this was not fair or equitable.

In ending my conversation with Joseph Rabinowitz he stated he would bring the issue up with the staff/producers. What that means or entails is anybody's guess but I think perhaps other Ron Paul supporters need to call (relaxed and civil)and push for an airing of the facts to set the record straight.