Comment: I don't think the errors and

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I don't think the errors and

I don't think the errors and fraud discovered in the caucus events are reason to move away from the caucus model. Rather, I think the fact that problems were noticeable and discoverable in the caucus model is a great reason why all elections should move toward the caucus model. Ideally rules would be put in place to count the votes aloud and in the presence of the caucus, then post them publicly, afterwards sending an emailed copy to be tallied by precinct as a backup to a phone call and posted transparently on a website accessible to the public. Caucus goers should be able to cross check their local results with the final tally. Precinct chairs should have contact info available so that interested parties, like the media if they ever got off their lazy asses, can re verify the data with each precinct chair. That is what should happen. I have more faith in the caucus because at least we can detect the B.S. unlike putting your anonymous vote into a black hole and then pulling out a winner.

This isn't rocket science. I have handled far larger and more complex data files than the ones they are dealing with here and if I had the errors they had I would be fired immediately and someone competent enough to do it could be easily found. Further, if I did suspect errors, I would have documentation to easily correct and crosscheck my work. There is no excuse for this shoddy and dishonest work of the GOP.