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I was up in the front in

I was up in the front in Seattle because I was a volunteer. About 5 minutes before the speech started there was about 100 people that came up in front of the seats and swarmed up to the ropes in front of the stage. There were about 600-800 people outside chanting. The only bad thing I realized after the fact was there were no volunteers out there getting people's info for Voter Tracker. Damn! Of course I wouldn't have missed the Dr because I'm so selfish : )
A little side story: There was a group of about 20 people looking for food and drink after the speech. We went across the street to a restaurant and they took one look at us and said "Umm I'm not sure if we can seat you for an hour at least" This one particular waitress butted in and said "No way I have a large table back here you seat them and I'll take care of them" Now mind you this place had already been raided by the umpteen 100's of people that were at the rally before and after. They had run out of half of their entree's. This woman was stellar and she commented on what an awesome group we were. Of course there were lots of Ron Paul comments from us! At the very end we filled out comment cards up front to support this waitress and when she caught us doing this she showed me the company currency she receives for positive comments (prizes) She says she reserves her prize money (private) for customers that don't have enough to pay or her family when they come to eat. It was her way of giving back. I then understood why she asked one of our young dread lock kids if she could buy him something to eat (and she did because we didn't know he needed food). Seriously I just think this whole story came from The Ron Paul Story Book. Awesome people who love this awesome man get helped by an awesome "public servant" Sorry for the ramble but it was such a beautiful night!!!