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Comment: Sometimes it is easy to see

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Sometimes it is easy to see

Sometimes it is easy to see why Ron Paul has trouble gaining mainstream support and why most people see his supporters as naive children.

So...this site basically takes Google results and gives them to you on their own page?

And NO OdNE here thinks that they will get shut down REALLY FAST? And rightfully so?

Is ANYONE so stupid as to think it is OK for a site to plagiarize Google's algorithm...that cost Google BILLIONS to research and develop and tweak...and use it on their own site for free?

If you do, it is clear that you have already decided that you will NEVER produce anything worthwhile in this world so yuou have no problem, with people stealing your hard work.

LOTS of sites have tried this. Sure...since they spend NO money on their search engine, they can accept less in advertising to cover costs. But these sites always get sued (again, rightfully so) and close up shop within a few months.

By the one is spying on you. Your lives are not important enough.