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Mostly correct, but...

"You can search all day long and visit anyplace, as long as they don't know who and where you are"

This means you have to exclude from the safe browsing originating locations:

1. your home (your ISP can disclose to the gov the dynamic IP addys they have allocated you in any given time frame);

2. your workplace, same reason

3. your regular free wifi public places where minimal intelligence could allow them to correlate your browsing habits with your identity

The "safest" is to browse from randomly chosen places with your geo location feature on ALL your devices turned OFF.

But no place is absolutely safe if they REALLY want to find out who you are and what you're digging into, once they have gathered initial intelligence about you. Remember they have satellites that TECHNICALLY CAN read a newspaper over your shoulder in clear sky/weather.

However, to mitigate a bit: it's probably silly to fall into hardcore paranoia, still, at this point ...

Such interests from the gov in someone should supposedly be backed up by you posing a REAL threat to national security, which I assume is unlikely to be the case for most if not all of us.

That said, it's NO EXCUSE to tolerate any step further in the direction of things such as SOPA / PIPA / ACTA.


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