Comment: Your getting way off base here.

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Your getting way off base here.

Long time lurker, first time poster. I had to reply to this. It's long, please bear with me.

Listen, this is going WAY off base folks. You really expect to win over people by telling them this crap? I'm all for non-interventionism, these nation building wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are ridiculous, bombing Libya, attempting to involve us in Syria, and this facade with Iran, criminal. But really, WWII?

Look, this article and some posters say there isn't proof Hitler wanted to invade the US, true, he wanted to try and stop us from helping the UK, but that is just a guess, just like saying, "UK and France could have had peace with Germany any time," is also Just a guess. You are assuming that Hitler would not have attacked them once he was ready to anyway. You are Guessing that once he finished with Russia he would stop. He might not have.