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The fact of the matter is you had a genocidal bastard creating a damn empire with no idea where he would stop. Russia would likely have lost to the two front war against Germany and Japan. If France and the UK hadn't gotten involved, then the Axis could very well have conquered all of Asia and Africa, and then probably would have taken out France and the UK just to finish Europe. Stopping that possible outcome, in my opinion, was most definitely necessary for our own protection. We would not have been able to stand against the resulting Empires. We are safe from invasion today, like Dr. Paul has said. But only because we stopped that possibility.

So yes, non-interventionism is great, lets do it, lets get our people back home and get out of other countries. Lets stop policing the world of these relatively nonthreatening to us events. Lets stop nation building. But I do want to know that if Anyone tries the same thing Hitler was trying we have, and will continue to have, the means to put a stop to it.