Comment: Correcting distortions is not 'off base'

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Correcting distortions is not 'off base'

I don’t think the readership here is going to be put off by articles which convey observances which vary from historical versions of events as they have previously been offered to us. Most of us here have already discovered how it is the establishment has been distorting perspectives on past events long before this perspective was offered. We’ve all already seen distortions on history that has occurred in our own lifetime and the attacks on people by the establishment when it is people stray form the company line. Heck, truth is distorted by those who tell us what kind of money we can use, what knowledge we should have and what war actions we should support that we’ve seen Dr. Paul attacked for simply repeating the government’s own version of 9/11 after it is the press they control has distorted what it is they previously purported as truth.

We know that Iran is being threatened because it is it is selling its oil for compensation other than petrodollars. We know that Libya’s economy was destroyed because it was selling oil for compensation other than petrodollars while also intending to establish a monetary fund to compete with the IMF using its excess petrodollars. We know that Iraq was attacked the second time because it was selling oil for compensation other than petrodollars. We know Iraq was kicked out of Kuwait because Kuwait and the rest of the human rights violating monarchies in OPEC cut a deal in 1973 for a guarantee of their generational sovereignties which they all will forever enjoy as long as they continue to exclusively sell their oil for petrodollars. We know that petrodollars held in reserve by all the rest of the world’s oil purchasers allows those who issue the proprietary FRD to manipulate the supply of that currency and extract wealth from that currency which remains stable due to its sheer volume held in reserve.

We know the version of what we were told in 1973 about the formation of OPEC isn’t exactly as it was told to us. We know the excuses we were given for going to war both times in Iraq, what we did in Libya, and what we seemingly are about to do in Iran are not exactly as it is the revisionists explain.

If it is those who still do not understand the underlying truth find it simpler to think of us as tin-foil hat wearing kooks…so be it………They will come around because the truth always eventually comes to light.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead