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I studied that battle

and the Germans could not win. The Russkies had too many defensive layers that wore down the German advance. The new Panther tanks had teething problems, and the Elephant heavy assault tanks were easily isolated and taken out by Russian tank hunter squads.

Even if the Germans had succeeded at Kursk, they could not hope to hold their gains. Their front was too large to cover. The Sovs could and did attack anywhere. Panzer divisions served as emergency fire brigades to seal off holes in the lines. Its the equivalent of the proverbial dutch boy trying to plug leaks in the dyke, and running our of fingers and toes.

Sure, the Germans had great generals, equipment, and training, but it didn't matter. The Russkies would lose 5 tanks to every German one, but once that German tank was gone, there was noting else at the front to replace it, whereas the Sovs had T-34's and everything else coming out of their ears and then some.

There is a common saying among military experts "Amateurs talk of tactics, while professionals discuss logistics." In the epic war between the Germans and the Sovs, it's not about who has the best gear, but who could go the distance the longest. I think it was Lenin who said,"There is as certain quality about quantity." Which is probably the only thing he ever got right.

And we are making the same mistake. We expect too much from "Wonder Weapons", when in fact a small bunch of bad guys with cheap AKs and improvised IED's have bled our economy trying to upkeep our expensive and fragile weapon systems operating in a sandbox 24/7. It must costs millions of dollars just to KIA one bad guy, and only a few bucks for them to do the same to us.

The bad guys have an endless number of recruits that they can replace indefinitely, while we cannot unless we start a draft and put the nation on a wartime economy to continue the upkeep on our fancy war machines.

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