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The failure to capture

The failure to capture Moscow, Leningrad and the 6th Army loss at Stalingrad doomed the Germany to a stalemate with the Soviets that they would lose over time.

The loss of the 6th army occurred around a year after we entered the war.

Germany could not compete with the Soviets industrial capacity nor her unlimited manpower that lie beyond the Ural mountains.

The USA had a population and industrial output comparable to the Soviet Union. Arguably our intervention is what kept the British in the War, and arguably the threat of military action by a country, comparable in size and industrial capacity to Russia, on separate fronts helped to divert significant quantities of men and material from the Eastern Theater... which arguably is why the 6th wasn't better supported/relived, which is, as we all know, was the proximate reason the 6th was destroyed.

^---- the above isn't a declaration of support for our intervention, its just to point out that you're overestimating the capabilities of the Soviets and underestimating the Germans, and hence discounting the effect of USA involvement on the outcome of the war.

The Soviet military victory wasn't a foregone conclusion--- I mean hell, you reference the supply line overextension as a huge hurdle for the Germans: You're right it was--- Not only were they getting shot at, they were forced to use the same shitty infrastructure the Ruskies were using.

Long story short: Though I do dispute some of your analysis, your final conclusion is something I can get behind; we definitely should have let the Socialist Super Powers and their Autocratic Allies duke it out.