Comment: 1995 RP Interview on Commodity Backed Currency

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1995 RP Interview on Commodity Backed Currency

A University of New Mexico student studying for his masters in business interviews Ron Paul on sound money for his economics class. This relaxed interview is in 1995 and took place in what looks like Ron's congressional office in Texas. The interview consists of four parts with each part approximately 10 minute long.

The student opened the interview citing Ron's book The Ron Paul Money Book and asked Ron to introduce himself and briefly discuss his background for entering politics.

Ron gets to the familiar refrain, that his wife Carol was concerned about him winning election, but that he assured her he wouldn't because he wanted to slash the budget. (Carol wins again.) Fairly soon into part one Ron goes into the relationship between the welfare and warefare states and how they are created.

Near the end of the first part, the young man asks Ron why he, Ron, wants a gold standard and what this standard's significance is. As is the case, Ron said it's not so much that he desired gold to back the dollar but that the dollar have backing. Additionally, he said he prefered there be competing currencies.

This interview is a thorough rundown of RP's explanation of a commodity backed dollar. Although this interview is standard faire for the RP student, the student will enjoy it no less than any other interview or discourse Ron gives on monetary policy and just might walk away from it having learned something. The student interviewer was studied and his questions showed it, but there's no doubt he learned a thing or two.

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