Comment: It's not rubbish

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It's not rubbish

It hits the nail on the head, exactly and repeatedly.

"Raised in a Eurosceptic country, we do not understand how an absolute commitment to the European project was a mark of respectability on the continent. Like going to church and saying your prayers for previous generations, a public demonstration of commitment to the EU ensured that the world saw you as a worthy citizen. If you wanted to advance in Europe's governing parties, judiciaries, bureaucracies and culture industries, you had to subscribe to the belief that ever-greater union was self-evidently worthwhile."

This is how it was, and in many places, still is. Calling it a 'facist dictatorship' is wildly inaccurate and doesn't really help in changing that. The people in charge ARE moderates. The real question is how did that create a system that behaves like a facist dictatorship?