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Comment: Agreed. that was the plan all along.

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Agreed. that was the plan all along.

To let them bleed out taking it. The price was selling out Eastern Europe. All the hoolpa that we saved the world for freedom and democracy during WW2 is garbage. We didn't do it to save the Jews. In fact, the US state department did what it could to prevent German Jewish refugees from coming here in the 1930's. Google the SS St. Louis incident.

FDR and Churchill tried to played a real world version of the game Risk to gain influence in the world, and got played by Stalin. The conceited nativity of socialist progressive FDR thought he was clever enough to outfox a old brutal pro like Stalin. He was played like a noob.

We betrayed Poland, particularly during the second Warsaw uprising. The US army occupied parts of Czechoslovakia, and were ordered to withdraw, living them to the Russians. We had thousands of US and allied POWS in German POW camps liberated by the Russians that were never seen again, and ended up doing gulag work in northern Siberia after the war.

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