Comment: I was a former Obama Supporter

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I was a former Obama Supporter

I admit, I voted for Obama, and about 6 months after he took office, I regretted it. Today I regret it with ALL my heart. I was so mad at the policies of Bush, then Obama came along and said everything that I agreed with. I wanted change. I am 30 years old today, so I was 26 back then. I didnt start actually caring about the state of our country until somewhere in Bush's first term. His 2nd term I did NOT want him to win. Then I voted for Obama because I seriously disliked Bush as well as the entire republican party(I still dont but I do 100% support Ron Paul). I mainly disliked republicans as a whole because so many Christian Republicans were still defending Bush saying "oh well yeah he may have made 1 or 2 mistakes..." I didnt buy that then and I still dont buy that today. His mistakes were far too great to brush them away like that. Many were not mistakes in my honest opinion. Anyway back to my point... I voted all democrat. It wasnt but maybe a half of year into Obama's term that I finally realized how dupped I was into believing either party. I began looking at voting record(like my mom had suggested) and finally began listening to Ron Paul. I realized that I shared the same emotions/complaints/views that nearly 99% of all Ron Paul supporters I talked with also had. I began to become awakened back in 2007/2008, maybe a little earlier, but the way it progressed was rapid and by 2010 I felt I made a breakthrough that has forever changed my life. And today I can without a doubt tell you that Ron Paul is NOT your typical politician. I believe his true calling was for him to be in politics so he could thoroughly bring about the needed change for this country. I pray to God that he is our next president, but even if thts not the case he has made great strides in expediting liberty back to America. He has helped to open the eyes of so many people. I think he is our modern day founding father. God bless Ron paul. I wish we could get a burst of the establishment drones to just snap out of it.