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If any Ron Paul supporter switches back to establishment, then they were never really a true RP supporter to begin with. I am sure of that. This is backed up in our statistics. Why does the support of all the other candidate supporters kep moving UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN constantly so significantly? Its because the sheeple cant decisively say who they support. Its whatever they hear in the media that is the deciding factor. They jumping ship because they can never tell you WHY they support their candidate of the week. Real candidates who have morals and sound principles make it clear what they do and dont support. These people are of truth and stand for whats right, and thats ATTRACTIVE to people. People value this. The problem is the MSM has done such a great job with all their propoganda and spin tactics that many people cant ever see who Ron Paul really is and what he's really about. So thats our job. Eventually we will his critical mass and when we do, then its our turn to sit down and mock and laugh. The MSM know exactly what they are doing and it's evil.