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"Trucks and radio equipment => mobility.
How do you encircle an opponent? => mobility.
How was the 6th army defeated? => encirclement."

Yes, but not by US trucks at the time of Stalingrad. T-34's were the primary vehicle. Their wide tracks and excellent cross country ability allowed them to go where nothing else could, especially wheeled trucks. The wide broad steppes where the real routes of travel for offensives, not roads. So unless you can show the actually number of US lend lease trucks employed by the Sovs in the encirclement, you have no argument;) Lend-lease trucks or not, it was a foregone conclusion that would have happened.

Not be until the final offensives in 1944 to Berlin that the lend-lease trucks and equipment came into their own. Even then, only for supply. The Russkies employed tank riders on the back of tanks which was effective in swarming the German lines and exploiting breakthroughs.

Sure the Allied forces drew some of the German forces. But they would have been there anyway, as Hitler was determine to hold everything they had conquered. Hitler unnecessary kept 100,000 troops to garrison Norway to protect his iron ore routes to Sweden. They might as well been in a POW camp for all the good they did him.

Wikipedia is ok, but you rshould read Paul Carrel's Hitler Moves East, William Craig's Enemy at the Gates, and several others to fully appreciate how well the Sovs took advantage of the Germans missteps at Stalingrad and General Zhukov brilliant execution of counter offensive. Giving credit that US invasion of North Africa and lend lease supplies tipped the balance and made the offensive possible is too much of a stretch. The Red Army finest hour was Stalingrad and the counter-offensive that followed was a military masterpiece, notwithstanding the odious ideology that both nations held.

Hitler's decision to invade Russia was madness. Even if he did not fight a two-front war with the US/UK, the words "epic", "huge", and "vast" are poor descriptions of how big Russia was. The Germans hi-tech mechanized army had no real hope of holding and maintaining their supply lines. One out of every three German tanks were out for repairs from just traveling long distances from one point to another.

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