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Like I said in another post...

there should never be any argument against donating to the campaign.

I suggest you put yourself in the shoes of those folks in Idaho who have been driving 100s of miles across that huge state to do whatever they can to get the vote out and convert new RP supporters.

Idaho, despite a recent visit from RP, has not had much, if any, formal campaign support. So what would you do if you were an Idahoan and wanted to deliver your state to Ron Paul and Liberty?

You would most likely do what they have done. Donate some to the campaign and the rest going to paying for canvassing and meet ups. For those in Idaho who maxed out to the campaign, they went right for Super Brochures.

There were people who asked for help. I and others stepped in to help and all you can say, after we've been doing this for two weeks now, is telling us "this money should be going to the campaign...."?

How does this help us? I mean really, do we need a lecture? It's not like Idaho doesn't have delegates too!

"Criticizing Ron Paul for not passing bills in Congress is like criticizing a nun in a whore house for not turning tricks. He was there to stop the "whoring," not become one!" ~ Blake Buffington